Space is the Place & Tony Tost’s America

Another Green World author Geeta Dayal was invited to write an essay on Brian Eno’s “Apollo” album for the London Science Museum’s Apollo Moon Landing Anniversary Gala last night–Eno introduced a performance of Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks at the sold out event. You can find the essay here.

Geeta also contributed an essay about Brian Eno and food to Loops, a twice yearly anthology of new music writing (only available in the UK as far as I can tell). This issue also includes contributions from Nick Cave, Hari Kunzru, Nick Kent, Jon Savage, Amanda Petrusich, Kevin Cummins, James Yorkston and others. You can read an excerpt of Geeta’s piece here.

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On an entirely different note, Tony Tost has started a podcast while researching and writing the forthcoming 33 1/3 on Johnny Cash’s American Recordings. It’s a great mix of old and recent (but mostly old) American music, very highly recommended. Each episode is like a semi-weekly version of the Oxford American music issue comps. He writes, “I’m embedding a bunch of songs I’ll be bringing up in one way or another in the Cash book, and so forth, and occasionally reading excerpts.” Here you go: Tony Tost’s America.

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And now to tie this blog post together, I’ve had a print out of this picture at my desk for several years now. It’s a map of the Apollo 11 landing site transposed over a baseball diamond. Doesn’t get much more American than that. Click the image for full size.
In honor of Eno’s national pasttime, click here for the football (soccer) version.

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  1. Has Another Green World actually been released? i bought it via Amazon back in February, and just got a notice saying my order was being delayed until Sept 15th. if there's another place i can buy it, i'll just cancel the order…but i can't seem to find out if this thing is in stores or just vaporware…

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