Sunday Evening

Thanks to everyone (especially Claire, for the organising and the photos) who braved the bitter cold on Sunday and made it out to Barbes in Brooklyn – where Joe Harvard and his band read excerpts from Joe’s book and played an hour-long set of covers including “Heroin”, “Femme Fatale” and “Venus in Furs”. A fun time was had by all, I hope!

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  1. The band and I had a blast – many thanks to Claire, kudos to Wendy for the great intro. What a nice room to read and rock in; big love to the audience who came in from the cold, they listened and rocked and laughed … all at the right times.Funny, Velveeta gets offers to play a lot now — and all because of one 33-1/3 book release party!BIG MOMENT: A friend of/at the bar texting his pal Lou Reed to tell him he was listening to Velveeta at Barbes! Thanks again – Joe Harvard

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