The Encyclopedia Project

Book fetishists among you may be excited to learn about The Encyclopedia Project, the first volume of which (A-E) is being published in April. (Not by Continuum, just to make that clear!)

One of the editorial team is Kate Schatz, who’ll be writing a 33 1/3 book about PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me album in the coming months – each chapter will be a cover version of the corresponding song on the record, in short story form.

We thought some of you might be interested in The Encyclopedia Project – and if you are, you can read much more about it (and pre-order a copy, if you’re feeling paypal-flush) here. In a nutshell, Kate describes it thus:

My two coeditors and i are publishing a five-volume set of “encyclopedias about fiction” that will span A-Z. It’s really a lit journal meets a reference book meets an art book. the first volume, Encyclopedia: Vol. 1 A-E is a hardbound 336 page book that looks like an encyclopedia — but its content is short stories, experimental prose, critical and lyric essays, plays, photos, paintings, woodcuts and more more more, by 114 writers and artists of all stripes, scenes and intentions. There is a 32 page color art portfolio, and the whole thing is cross-referenced and quite pretty.

It all sounds highly desirable.

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