Tom Waits Tour Bus Rides Again

It’s springtime, which means that David Smay (author of Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones, which you can buy here) is coming back to Los Angeles to lead his Tom Waits bus tour again! Link Here:

This is the definitive tour of Tom Waits’ formative creative life in Los Angeles, and the people, places and late night pastries that shaped it.

Calling all rain dogs, gin-soaked boys and Gun Street girls! Climb aboard as your hosts David Smay and Esotouric’s Kim Cooper (a Zoetrope Studios intern who’ll tell how she used teenage subterfuge to arrange a private concert by Tom) lead you on a scrupulously researched ride through Tom’s epic misdeeds and shenanigans, from the Trashing of the Troubadour to epic nights at the Tropicana.

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