Two reasons to love

These are the first two reviews on Amazon of Mike McGonigal’s Loveless book (which is now IN STOCK!!) – both written long before the book was actually written. I love that 12 out of 61 people found the one-star review helpful.

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

Um…, October 30, 2004Reviewer: Trevor “sansmerci43” (Coventry, RI USA) – See all my reviews
Um, why did somebody review this book already? The guy writing it hasn’t even finished it yet. Already he knows it’s “pointless”?

Oh, I know! The reviewer tried to post in the future, but his post got sent through a time warp to be posted years earlier.

12 of 61 people found the following review helpful:

pointless, April 6, 2004Reviewer: A reader
What kind of book is this? Nobody will ever be able to comprehend what Kevin Shields was thinking and why MBV took the route that they did until Kevin comes clean. He does not want to. My Bloody Valentine’s purpose was solely to create soundscapes to enjoy in altered states of the mind and this book completly misses on all parts. You want info on MBV, read old articles from Melody Maker.

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  1. Speaking of Amazon, their list of 33 1/3 books was lacking. So, I made tags all the books i found (53 in all):33 1-333 1-3 seriesthirty three and a thirdthirty three and a third series

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