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I’d never even heard of Ukula before a copy of the magazine arrived at work on Tuesday. And I still know almost nothing about it, aside from the fact that it’s a really beautiful little magazine, featuring an array of short, interesting, well-designed articles about travel, music, books, and fashion. And it seems to be based in Montreal. Seek it out!

There’s a nicely written piece in the current edition about the series, written by Jordan Himelfarb, a contributor to Said the Gramophone – still one of the very best MP3 blogs out there.

An update from Jordan Timm (music editor at Ukula), who writes to tell me:

The magazine is distributed free at record stores, book shops, drinking
holes, etc. in Toronto and Montreal at the moment, and is published
quarterly; we’ll be expanding distribution in NYC in September, and London
& Edinburgh in January 07.

The edition I sent you is our fifth issue. It’s a work in progress, and is
something we’re pouring spare time into (thus do I find myself writing you
at ten pm on a Saturday night) and as yet getting no money out of, so your
kind words are appreciated.

Also, you can read Jordan Himelfarb’s article online now, here.

Anyhow, if you get a chance to read a copy of Ukula, do. It’s good.

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