Upcoming events in Baltimore and the Northwest

Drew Daniel will be reading from his Throbbing Gristle book at Red Emma’s in Baltimore, at 7.30pm on Thursday April 17th. He’ll also be DJ’ing from 6pm onwards, in a bar around the corner. Full details can be found here!

And way out west, Matthew Stearns has lined up a handful of dates to read from his Sonic Youth book – and the events in Seattle and Portland will include music from a Sonic Youth cover band, too.

Friday April 11th at 7pm: Village Books, Bellingham WA
Friday May 2nd at 7pm: University Bookstore, Seattle WA
Saturday May 3rd at 7pm: Reading Frenzy, Portland OR

4 thoughts on “Upcoming events in Baltimore and the Northwest”

  1. huh? i heard from a reliable source (well, as reliable you’re gonna find in the shadowy, precarious world of publishing) that Matthew Stearns, despite being a fourth generation US-born citizen, was nonetheless deported to Indonesia because of two op-eds that the Dept. of Homeland Security described as "treasonously subversive”.one, entitled Mary Poppins Died for Our Sins: How the Bulgarian Minister of Personal Hygiene undermined the early American industrial waterways bringing the U.S. and Canada to the brink of war ran in O-Boy, the new Oprah Winfrey quarterly for men aspiring to be black, female media magnates.the other, What if Dick Cheney still had all his hair? was published by Highlights Magazine, the children’s monthly to which no one seems to subscribe, but that continues to be featured prominently in your dentist’s waiting room.Mr. Stearns was last seen somewhere in the Lesser Sunda Islands living in a mud hut and farming a 1 x 20 meter tract of barren land.without speculating as to whether the Dept. of Immigration was acting within its authority or, for that matter, whether the guy had it coming, i’d simply like to suggest that the person touring the "Daydream" book is most likely an imposter taking advantage of the actual author’s unusual predicament hoping to experience the kind of glory and glamorous lifestyle typical of a celebrated writer like Matthew Stearns.

  2. I’m very excited about Drew’s talk… he will not only be discussing the TG album, but also Throbbing Gristle’s relation to Matmos. A discussion about TG’s influence and significance will follow.

  3. Hi David,Paul Myers here. I am a professional author and journalist and I have been trying to send you a pitch for a 33 1/3 book, I sent it to an email address that you once responded to, but I have not heard back whether you even got the email.Can you email me backpulmyears [at]gmail [dot]com

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