Updates, bits and bobs

A couple of scheduling items, first…the books on Low, Kick Out the Jams, Endtroducing…, and Born in the USA should arrive from the printers on Friday, and should be available in the usual places from the first week of September.

The books on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and Music from Big Pink should be printed by mid-late October, and in stores from early November onwards.

We got a nice blurb from the writer Andrew O’Hagan about the Music from Big Pink book:

Music from Big Pink is a book to awaken a deeper appreciation of TheBand’s sweet poetry. The book has a powerful style of its own and a story that might illuminate an entire period. It is a piece of writing that will be admired by anyone who’s interested in the era that made our own, andthose who read it are unlikely to forget its cool Updikean temperament. – Andrew O’Hagan, author of Our Fathers and Personality

Random Stuff:

I don’t know who this guy Josh is, but he appears to be a fan of the series (not to mention Shaun of the Dead), so I like him.

Does anyone know anything about The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir?

While I’m plugging bands, here’s my friend Dan‘s new venture, all the way from London town.

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