Various tiny (and awesome) updates

1. If you want to enter the quiz and stand a chance of winning the awesome One Kiss Can Lead to Another Box-Set on Rhino, you have until Friday to do so. Scroll down two or three entries to see what you need to do. The guesses we’ve received so far are all over the map…

2. If you’ve pre-ordered either the Band book or the Neutral Milk Hotel book from our website, those will start shipping out on Friday. No copies of these have yet reached Amazon, so when they say “usually ships in 1-3 weeks”, they’re making it up.

3. If you’re looking to write a book for the series and you didn’t make it on to the list of interested writers that was put together last month, I’m very sorry but we’re now officially swamped, and we can’t cope with any more proposals!

4. Many, many congratulations to my brother Paul and his wife Diana (who, several years ago, used to work for this company in our London office) – Diana gave birth today to baby William, who looks completely adorable.

5. Dan Rhodes was one of the first people I ever spoke to about writing a 33 1/3 book. It never worked out, but this part of his website (“Dan Rhodes is disliked by…”) is wonderful.

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