Video Vault, Episode 19: K-POP does Brunch at Schiller’s

It’s easy to dismiss K-pop as a silly genre. But last weekend I found myself mesmerized in front of a TV in Korea town watching an hour’s worth of Korean pop music videos.

The one that stood out because of its production value and homage to a lazy Sunday in New York City was “Brunch” by GAIN and HYUNGWOO. It depicts a couple’s romantic day and all of the cute things they do: make eggs and pancakes, go out to eat, buy some cupcakes, visit Bookmarc (the Marc Jacobs bookstore in the West Village), go to Coney Island and get caught in the rain.

Though the song is in Korean, English phrases “my lover” and “sunny-side up” pop up. But I couldn’t help falling in love with the dreamy washed out colors, sweet teenage voices and naive representations of my beloved city.

It’s clear this video is meant to depict the perfect day in New York to millions of Koreans on the other side of the world. As a New Yorker, I thought I’d highlight some of the clever insights into New York life and also reveal some of the gross inaccuracies.

True (0:15) – Ugly off-white tile floor in the tiny kitchen of her tiny apartment. Accurate small NYC apartment details: exposed radiator, impermanent decorations to make the place “homey” (notice none of the pictures are hung), and the dirty marble hallway and stairwell. Maybe she’s an art student?

True (0:25) – His apartment is clearly nicer than hers. Notice the “cool” font of the apartment number that indicates a newer building. He’s got a nice cut glass bathroom door and definitely put some serious cash into making his pad a home.

True (0:39) – She’s walking in the middle of the street. This is totally acceptable before 2pm on a weekend anywhere in New York.

True (0:51) -Schiller’s is empty. That place stopped being cool like 6 years ago.

False (1:17) – They got brunch at Schiller’s AND made pancakes and eggs at home? Okay, now I’m starting to realize this a composite of several romantic weekend days. Also, where’s that fresh dill going? On the pancakes?

True (1:26) – Water bottle and coffee cup on the windowsill. I don’t know anyone who has a “nightstand,” apartments are too damn small for unnecessary furniture. All you need is a windowsill for your water and an outlet for your iPhone charger.

True (2:05) -She’s seriously pissed that he made a hair cut appointment during their time together. They made these plans like on Tuesday, he could have rescheduled his chop.

True (2:10) – Flash rainstorm turns a nice walk into an unnecessary cab ride.

False (2:33) -This is the first appearance of a camera. There in no way that a couple can have brunch (twice) and walk around on a beautiful fall day without SOMEBODY instagramming the food.

True (2:53) – Notice the blurry taxi meter reading of $69.90. Yes, it does cost more than $70.00 to take a cab from the Lower East Side to Coney Island. Come on guys, the F train is RIGHT there at Delancey.

-Ally Jane

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