Video Vault Episode 35: Mary Lou Lord’s “His Indie World”

Mary Lou Lord is a singer-songwriter from Salem, Massachusetts. She was friends* with Kurt before Courtney, toured with Elliot Smith and has several albums with Kill Rock Stars. In short, we love her.

*Lord’s Wikipedia page once stated that she and Cobain had been more than friends but she has since set the record straight on her facebook page.

She also penned the greatest (well Liz Phair has a good one too) f*** boys song of the 90s.


Her covers are for the most part, pretty great.

Lyrics highlights from “His Indie World” by Mary Lou Lord
“He says my songs are too deep and gloomy
He wishes that I could be more like Jenny Toomey
Just give me my Joni, my Nick, Neil and Bob
You can keep your tsunami, your slant 6 and smog
What’s the story? He says butter glory
I say what’s the news? He says the silver Jews
His heavenly hang up is getting me down
And it’s making me wonder why he’s hanging around’
Cause I don’t fit into his indie scene
Huggy bear and helium and half Japanese
Sebadoh and sentridoh and superchunk
And I don’t knowDoug and Lou and Calvin too
And Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim
Yeah, I’m stuck in the past”
Question: Who’s the 4th KIM?!
Last year, Steregum covered Lord’s feud with Courtney Love. I happen to adore Courtney Love but am also aware she’s a psycho. This cover of “Thirteen” is an abomination though…


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