Video Vault Episode 53: Sparks on Gilmore Girls

Well before Gilmore Girls landed on Netflix this summer and launched a thousand think pieces it was a fond memory lodged in the brains of thousands of people like me ready to declare it the greatest show made. The fast and often made-fun of dialogue between the attractive mother and daughter duo was riddled with cultural references. In fact, you can challenge yourself to see how many books you’ve read that 22 year-old Rory reads throughout the show’s 7 seasons.

I’m not sure how Lorelei Gilmore had enough time to raise a child as a single parent and watch every single movie ever made but somehow she did. She’s The Replacements-loving, low-cut-shirt wearing “modern” woman who owns her own business and eats ice cream for breakfast.

This brings me to my favorite Gilmore Girls moment. The moment in which brothers Russell and Ron Mael (Sparks) perform a short version of their song “Perfume.”

So enjoy this weird little moment in Gilmore Girls history. SPARKS on GILMORE GIRLS. Can someone PLEASE propose a Sparks 33 1/3?


My second favorite moment is when Jess asks Rory if she’s read “Please Kill Me”

UPDATE! My third favorite moment is in Episode 7 of Season 6 when one of Emily Gilmore’s rich Connecticut lady friends introduces someone as Catherine Thurston Moore. Oh Amy Sherman-Palladino, you are too too clever.

– Ally Jane

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