Your Favourite Albums of All Time

As you may know, last month we ran a competition to win the ENTIRE 33 1/3 series, that’s a whopping 89 books in total!

The competition is now closed and the response was overwhelming. Before announcing the winner, we thought it would be fun to share with you a small selection of some of our favourite responses to the age old question what is your favourite album of all time? Prepare to be inspired, educated, entertained and amused…

  • Kylie Minogue, Light Years (yes, really!)
  • Paul Simon, Graceland.
  • I spent far too long trying to think of this! (About an hour!) Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here.
  • Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins. It’s one of the best double albums ever. It has a beautiful theme and artwork, and great lyrics.
  • In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. My wife and I like it so much that we used it in our wedding.
  • My favorite album would be Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick. Ian Anderson’s storytelling he weaves though beautiful flute and instrumental solos is entrancing. The political commentary this entire concept album is amazing.
  • Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. I know it’s not the most original pick, but it really changed my life and convinced me to leave the world of classical music and to embrace pop. I’m now working on my masters degree in musicology focusing on pop music, semiotics, and gender, and it’s in large part because of Pet Sounds!
  • Motorpsycho, Trust Us. You really should listen to it, it will become your new favorite album!
  • A favorite album? You must be joking! How can I isolate one out of so many wonderful individuals? Reggae Got Soul by Toots & the Maytals. Simply a perfect document, start to finish, not a second of wasted sonic effort. Not what I “want” to be my favorite, it is, in fact, the one I cannot deny as being irresistible.
  • It’s a tough question but I would have to go with Led Zeppelin IV. Final answer.
  • My favorite album of all time is Mos Def Black on Both Sides. It was the first album that showed me anything was possible.
  • Hello Nasty by the Beastie Boys, the first record I ever bought with my own money.
  • Hopes and Fears by Keane. It really did change my life. It re- ignited my love of music.
  • East 17 Steam.
  • OK Computer by Radiohead. This album really woke me up to music.
  • In Utero by Nirvana, because it’s Fuck You in the form of an album.
  • Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. It has a universality to it that makes it approachable to anyone who has loved and lost.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all your entries and will be announcing the winner this coming Friday via the blog! Watch this space, music lovers…

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