33 Things: February Edition

Every month, we try to put together a fun, exciting, and sometimes silly list of 33Things that happened in music. We’ve followed the Twitter evolution of Kanye’s new album and hoped for the return of Wolf Parade; we’ve analyzed Justin Bieber’s sad face and pondered drinking Queen beer; we’ve questioned Sufjan’s fashion choices and Lil B’s Vegan Emoji App; we could not stop talking about Meow the Jewels and the phenomenon of Nickelback hate. But today, on this long short month, it’s my turn to 33Thing you all, and I’ll be doing something a little bit different.

Tomorrow is my official last day at Bloomsbury, so of course things are somewhat sentimental here in Michelle-land. Though it’s not the same as coming into our office every day to hang out with the amazing people that make this series go, I’m happy to report that I’ll still be involved in 33 1/3 on a freelance editorial basis, so this is a partial farewell of sorts. As such, I promise to spare you all the Joni Mitchell quotes.

What I won’t spare you is the reminiscing. And why shouldn’t we reminisce? Some truly AMAZING things have happened with the series in the last two years. Here are 33.

  1. The new chapter in 33 1/3 is off to a good start with the SIXTEEN new books we’ve promised you.
  2. And we interviewed the authors of every single one here on our blog so read them!
  3. We had ourselves a little party about it too with authors George Grella and Bryan Parker.
  4. We could not believe the number of proposals we got at the last open call.
  5. And brought you the hardest shortlist we’ve ever had to compile.
  6. We are beyond excited for these 16 new books from Jawbreaker to Twin Peaks.
  7. We officially brought 33 1/3s into the classroom with our How To Write About Music textbook.
  8. And packed the basement of WORD bookstores during a literal snow storm with a killer panel of music journalists for its launch.
  9. In tandem with the release of How To Write About Music we announced an Under 22 Open Call for young writers.
  10. We announced some bestsellers once too.
  11. We invited everyone to come Get Ur Freak On with us at EMP.
  12. But then maybe spent the entire weekend listening to Jagged Little Pill
  13. We had our first author music video debut.
  14. The LA Times told our pocket sized story in a not so pocket sized feature.
  15. We published our first ever book on video game music.
  16. Stephen M. Deusner reported back on his favorite 33 1/3s.
  17. So did Stephen Burt.
  18. Billboard wondered how we survived, and thrived (and continue to thrive!).
  19. (FYI nerds, it’s not just all Harry Potter, Billboard. Let’s not forget Pedagogy of the Oppressed #Continuum)
  20. Andrew W.K. and Phillip Crandall talked about partying for Slate.
  21. Master of Reality got a plug in the NY Times.
  22. We started these cool Better Know a Bookseller series on our blog.
  23. We told you what 33 1/3s to buy for your lover/hater.
  24. We partnered with Vinyl Me Please to bring you some Dilla swag.
  25. Yup, we were in AM New York *cue memory of man standing at subway entrance saying “AM New York? AM New York? AM New York?”
  26. We shared some proposal secrets with Consequence of Sound.
  27. We had some great excerpts for you to read at Stereogum.
  28. And at Flavorwire.
  29. N+1 took a look at our Hole book next to Kim Gordon’s memoir.
  30. We hit 100 volumes in 2014 with our MJ book.
  31. And had ourselves an anniversary bash with Carl Wilson and Susan Fast.
  32. And even released a snazzy 100 volume promo set.
  33. What else is there to say? We’re soon to be at Volume 111 with our Blondie book out in March, and it’s just all 33 1/3 all the time.

And as Joni Mitchell once said… JUST KIDDING. So long 33Thingers. Till next we meet.

– Michelle

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