An interview with Drew Daniel

Brainwashed has a long and extremely interesting interview with Drew Daniel, about his recently published book on Throbbing Gristle for the series. An excerpt:


Vagueness and multiplicity are celebrated-to-death by academics and grad students that are into critical theory but in the commercial world in which films and music and novels are promoted as financially risky mass produced objects that are supposed to be sold for money, I have a hard time imagining a promo sticker that says “This summer’s vaguest song!” (Though I’d like to put that on our new album for Matador now.)


You can read the whole interview here.

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  1. […] The conceptual sophistication in bringing together these two musical forms isn’t surprising when you consider The Soft Pink Truth’s pedigree as the dance-oriented solo project of Matmos’ Drew Daniel. Daniel is a latter-day polymath—not only a member of one of Björk’s favourite bands, but also an assistant professor specialising in Shakespeare at Johns Hopkins University and the author of an excellent book about Throbbing Gristle’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats. […]

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