The Graphic Elements

It looks as though the Big Star book, being written by Bruce Eaton, which we’ll be publishing later this year, will have a great selection of photos and other illustrations. Aside from the Neutral Milk Hotel book and a couple of others in the series, all of these books are unillustrated. Would anyone be interested in seeing a few more images in these books, as we move forward? If so, any particular type of images?

(I should note here that the Outkast book, due in 2009, will be an extended piece of photojournalism, so we’ll see how that one turns out!)

7 thoughts on “The Graphic Elements”

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  2. i like to have something i can look at other than an album cover. even a press photo or something in the front would be helpful, so you can keep the main players straight if it’s a band you’re not familiar with.

  3. I’m currently reading 69 Love Songs, and I absolutely love Beghtol’s design, visual flair, and use of imagery. That said, I don’t require it from a 33 1/3 book. But, given that each book has had its own unique form and approach, varying the visual look of the interiors isn’t a bad idea. (You should absolutely keep the exteriors uniform, though.)

  4. I really don’t need images. I agree seeing boards and gear set ups could be interesting, but with the size it might be difficult to make out much.What might be an idea is allowing or encouraging authors to set up companion websites that would allow for posting if more info or images. Kind of like what Alex Ross and Simon Reynold have done for their books

  5. AKinCLE says: I love seeing theBig Star tape boxes, too. I alsowas thinking that it was funny thatI was geeked about seeing this picture, even though I have no wayof knowing that these are Big Star tapes; they could just be old tape boxes that someone wrote “Big Star”on. In fact, I think I’m going togo down into the basement and write stuff like “The Velvet Underground”and “Faust” and “Albert Ayler” on my tape boxes…

  6. I love seeing stuff just like what you’ve posted here – the actual Big Star tape boxes. As long as it’s something I’ve not seen before, it’s useful. For an older, more established act (thinking The Who) we probably don’t need to see the same old photos again. My assumption is it’d also be expensive to license said photos from their original photographers.But geeky stuff like the studio board, the actual tape boxes… all that’s germane to the ‘making-of’ type book which are my favorites in the series.~Rupe

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