Brand New 33 1/3 Title

We have a surprise for you, our beloved readers, that we’re pretty excited to share with you. This week, we will be publishing a new book in the 33 1/3 series on LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver, written by Ryan Leas.

The book is a new addition to our original spring/summer 2016 lineup; we wanted to publish a book on Sound of Silver alongside LCD Soundsystem’s recent reunion and upcoming new album release. It seemed to us to be the perfect time for a serious, in-depth examination of this important record, and of LCD Soundsystem’s influence on and contributions to the landscape of contemporary popular music.

We hope you’re as delighted about the book as we are. Please do check it out – and enjoy seeing LCD Soundsystem live if you catch them at any of their upcoming festival performances, including their highly anticipated performance at the Glastonbury Festival next week.

3 thoughts on “Brand New 33 1/3 Title”

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  2. WOW! That’s cool!
    How about a update about the open call so-far sometime soon too? How meanly proposals have you got? Which albums/artists? etc etc

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