Get 30% off our new 33 1/3s (and more!) all through September

It’s publication day for our three latest 33 1/3s, and what’s more, you can pick them up at 30% off all this month in our Back To School sale!

Just published and now only £6.99/$10.49:

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, by Eric Eidelstein

Eidelstein looks at portrayals of the suburbs in film and TV to explore how this album creates such a relatable sense of nostalgia.

Buy now at 30% off

Bob Mould's Workbook

Bob Mould’s Workbook, by Walter Biggins & Daniel Couch

Explores the music, production and contexts of Workbook, and uses it as a key to understand the evolution of alternative and indie rock.

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Camp Lo

Camp Lo’s Uptown Saturday Night, by Patrick Rivers & Will Fulton

20 years after its release, a timely look at the album’s contribution to the post-soul aesthetic, with interviews from the band members and producer.

Buy now at 30% off

With all published books in the 33 1/3 series also 30% off throughout September, there’s no excuse not to add those missing few to your collection right now! And for J-Pop fans, the debut book in our 33 1/3 Japan seriesSupercell’s Supercell featuring Hatsune Mikuis also now on offer.

You have until 30 September make the most of the offer, so get browsing! And for other discounted books on film, TV, literature and much more, check out our sale pages below:

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All other orders (UK and international)

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