Gotta READ EM ALL! 100 books for 1000 bones!

Been to IKEA recently? Well, you might need to make the trip soon to stock up on BILLY bookcases because you’re going to need a lot of shelf space. You may have noticed that we recently published our 100th volume in the 33 1/3 series and we had a great anniversary party last week in Brooklyn with authors Susan Fast and Carl Wilson.

powerhouse eventOne hundred? That’s a lot of books. Here’s some 33 1/3 math for you. Each book is approximately 0.33 inches thick. With 100 books, that’s about thirty three and a third inches of shelf space. You’re gonna need a bigger shelf because for the low price of one thousand dollars the entire series can be yours! That’s more than 30%  the retail price. Maybe shift that Go Pro down to spot #2 on your holiday wishlist?

Just visit and search for “Anniversary Special.” This offer is only available for a limited time through Bloomsbury.


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