Video Vault, Episode 42: The Octopus Project

Once more, it’s Friday! Here’s some indie-synth-pop for you.

I first saw The Octopus Project in 2006 at the inauguration of Austin’s cheaper-than-ACL music festival Fun Fun Fun Fest (now apparently referred to as Fun cubed) by accident. They were playing on one of three not-so-glamorous stages in the same park that hosts the annual Hot Sauce Festival, so needless to say, my expectations weren’t particularly high. But sometime between Josh Lambert’s head-banging and Yvonne Lambert’s insane theremin playing, I was hooked.

What is a theremin, you ask? According to Google Trends, the popularity of “theremin” as a search term spiked October 2007, and since I have no shame selectively misinterpreting data to prove my point, I’m going to argue that this coincided with Octopus Project’s release of their third album Hello, Avalanche—and their subsequent 7.5 Pitchfork rating later that same month.

If you haven’t listened to “Porno Disaster,” or “The Adjustor”— my personal favorites—please do. But for now, here is the much more…existent, music video for “Music is Happiness.”

– Michelle

P.S. Did I mention they played with Devo?? And speaking of Devo, get excited about Evie Nagy’s 33 1/3 on Freedom of Choice coming out May of 2015! Spoiler alert: it’s REALLY good.


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