Jim DeRogatis and Grizzly Bears

There was an interesting piece on the series by Jim DeRogatis, author of the excellent recent Flaming Lips book, in yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times, which you can read here.

In other Chicago news, Nicholas Rombes (author of our Ramones book and of our future publication The Punk Rock Encyclopedia) wrote to tell me of the series on display at Chicago’s Virgin Megastore. It looks like all Virgin Megastores in the US are doing a big promotion of the series right now. And if huge displays of the series make you quiver with excitement, there’s a gargantuan one at the Barnes & Noble on Union Square in NYC.

In unrelated news, we finally saw Werner Herzog’s wonderful documentary Grizzly Man over the weekend: highly, highly recommended. As with so many things, there are some magically numbskulled customer comments on – my favourite of which begins with these words: “Imagine Paris Hilton as a young man in bear country.” Now that would be a Fox reality show worth watching.

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  1. I’ll have to haul my ass up to the Virgin store one of these days. The Borders store in the Loop has only about two books from the series.

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