Letter from the Editor – February 2014

Dear Readers,
Here at Bloomsbury we are in the midst of open call madness. To date, we’ve received about 50 proposals but judging from the 2012 open call, almost 80% of the proposals come in during the last 48 hours before the deadline.  You’ve got less than 1 week until the March 3rd deadline. I love what I see so far.

Exile in Guyville

Series news:
-This week we’re sending Ethan Hayden’s brilliant treatise on language and communication disguised as a 33 1/3 on Sigur Ros off to production. We’ll publish “Sigur Ros’s ( ) in late august.

-Advance copies have just come in for Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville…so look for lots of coverage on that leading up to its May publication. Pre-order here.

-March 13th marks the publication of the expanded edition of Carl Wilson’s 33 1/3 on Celine Dion. It’s called “Let’s Talk About Love: Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste,” you can pre-order here.

-Bloomsbury will be at the International Association for the Study of Popular Music from March 13-16 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Come say hi.

-Check out the February issue of the Believer magazine…we’ve got a nice ad inside the back cover.

-Ally Jane

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