New Order, Temptation

Just to keep the YouTube theme going throughout the weekend, here’s some amazing footage of New Order playing a half-hour live set for Radio One back in 1984. (Check out the 275-285 logo on the posters on the walls: I can hear Peter Powell’s voice, just by looking at those damn things.)

Once you get past the ill-advised shorts (admittedly, this requires a Herculean effort), what we have here is mesmerising – not just this version of “Temptation” but the whole set they played that day. (All on YouTube, posted by the same person, who should be richly rewarded for saving this stuff.) “Age of Consent” and “Blue Monday” in particular are just as breathtaking as this – the latter comes magnificently close to falling apart on several occasions. Barney/Bernard Sumner/Albrecht is clearly in a foul mood, which only makes the whole thing more compelling.

Rather tenuous 33 1/3 content: somebody mentioned in the credits at the end was one of the first five people ever approached to write a book for the series.


7 thoughts on “New Order, Temptation”

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  2. My vote is for Low Life. I’m still feeling guilty for putting a glass on the cover of a friend’s copy and making the tracing paper sleeve wrinkle horribly. Plus it’s their best album.B

  3. Shot in the dark question for David: Do you/will you have any need for help copyediting/proofreading your manuscripts? I’m willing to help if needed.

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