Soundtrack from ‘Twin Peaks’ Week – Day 1: Now It’s Dark: A Little Night Music

To celebrate the recent release of our 33 1/3 on Angelo Badalamenti’s Soundtrack from Twin Peaks, we’re pleased to bring you the 1st installment of Soundtrack from Twin Peaks Week by author Clare Nina Norelli!

When I was in my mid-teens I first heard the music of Angelo Badalamenti. I was a classical music student who dedicated most her week to studying the craft; hours outside my regular high school timetable were spent in choir and school band rehearsals or undertaking music lessons. I worked hard and enjoyed my studies from a young age, but as I entered my teen years my ear began to stray. I craved more from music. I wanted to explore new sounds, uncharted sonorities that challenged everything I had learnt and had come to expect from what music was or could be.

I soon learnt that night time, to quote Laura Palmer, was my time. During the evening, I would lay on the floor of my bedroom with the lights off listening to music of a much darker quality than that of the pieces I learnt in the daylight of my formal music studies. The Doors, Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, Smashing Pumpkins: these were the sort of artists that catered to my burgeoning desire for broody music that had grit; for music that didn’t try to be conventionally pleasing to the ear; music that didn’t play by the rules; for music that was chaotic and dissonant and strayed from the stave. These rock ‘n roll dirges were my musical antithesis to the oft-rigid convention of classical music, and they were of my own discovery.


It was during these formative year that I watched my first episodes of Twin Peaks. I was immediately captivated by the haunting melodies and off-center jazz that Angelo Badalamenti had written for the show. His soundtrack was like nothing I’d ever heard before and its inherent moodiness allowed for it to fit seamlessly amongst the angst-driven albums that were on heavy rotation during my nocturnal listening.

So, to begin my week as guest editor of the 33 1/3 blog, here’s a Spotify playlist inspired by both that time and the creative partnership of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. Listen to it when it gets dark with the lights off and your eyes closed.

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