The Modern Lovers Week – Day 5: PLAYLIST: A Boston Tea Party

To celebrate this week’s release of our 33 1/3 on The Modern Lovers’ The Modern Lovers, we’re pleased to bring you the 5th and final installment of Modern Lovers Week by author Sean L. Maloney!

I love this playlist. It’s some of my favorite songs by some of my all time favorite bands AND it all ties into this book I had a ton of fun writing. Some of this playlist is obvious (Hey look! The Velvet Underground!). Some of this playlist is  obscure—for some reason “The Red Sox Are Winning (Kill the Hippies)” never caught on at Fenway.  Some of the connections to the story are obvious (Jonathan Richman!). Others connections are obtuse (Milkwood?). But I think it does a good job of mapping out the sonic territory that this story inhabits. I hope you enjoy it.


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