The Italian Job

With the sudden rush of balmy spring here in New York, it feels positively Mediterranean outside today. And it was a pleasant suprise to get, in the mail, a handful of copies of our first Italian translations – of Steve Matteo’s Beatles book, and of John Cavanagh’s Pink Floyd book.

I’m rather taken by the Italian series title of “One Record, One Book” – and it sounds even better when you say it with an Italian accent.

The publishers responsible are called Sublime.

Now I’m thinking of a long-ago summer spent in Oxford, teaching Italian teenagers the delights of the English language, and introductory shoplifting techniques. At the disco every night, even the twelve-year-olds would cop off with each other. Still, very charming kids: I hope one of them, somewhere, gets the chance to read one of these books, since I’m sure they’ve forgotten their English by now.

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