Ween alert in Brooklyn!

On Sunday, March 20th, Hank Shteamer will be launching and talking about his 33 1/3 on Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese at Word Books in Brooklyn. There will also be a screening of some sort, though I’m not sure at this point what that will involve…

RSVP on the facebook event page here. And click here for more information from the good folks at Word.

If you’d like to read an excerpt we posted on the blog a few weeks ago, click here.

* * * * *

Also, just to give you a little advance notice, Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene (my neighborhood bookshop!) will be hosting Hank (Ween) along with Bryan Charles (Pavement-Wowee Zowee), Daphne Carr (Nine Inch Nails-Pretty Hate Machine), and Christopher Weingarten (Public Enemy-Nation of Millions) on April 7th. Mark your calendars.

Speaking of Ft. Greene, Happy Biggie Day everybody. Where Brooklyn at?

9 thoughts on “Ween alert in Brooklyn!”

  1. OK, if it's coming down to sports, I'll weigh in here: Cliff Lee is from Arkansas (good man, so am I), Cliff Lee does not want to play for the Yankees (I wouldn't either), Cliff Lee does not want to play for the Mets (I'm a Mets fan, and can still respect that position)… Playing in Philly alongside 3 other aces seems a pretty clear choice.

  2. In Philly, yes we throw snowballs at Santa Claus. But, at least we can rest easy that the outcome of that episode was benign. However- the uber-classy numnuts of NY screwed the pooch bigtime- setting a possible new definition for the words 'scumbag' and 'repercussions' by spitting on Cliff Lee's wife when the Rangers played the Skankees.Remember when you New Yorkers learned that money couldn't buy love? Remember when you tried to buy Cliff Lee and pretended it didn't make your dirty hearts ache? So- the filthiest between NY and Philly. I included the above anecdote to illustrate what the clear answer is. NY is gnarled. The true dirt. And- don't be confused. This imbedded grime is in no way mistakable for 'Brown-ness.' Don't even try.Anyway- for a man to have left MILLIONS OF DOLLARS… on the table to move back to Philly and to play in Philly- (not to mention that he shows love for the city CONSTANT TLY- so it wasn't the lesser of two dirties) pretty much goes to show what kind if place NY is. A city has to be prrrretty slimy when that kind of cash can't persuade you to put up with it. Can you now see how this shows the true grime and mongoloid-influence thar is NY?Stop and smell the cheesestakes, YO!

  3. philly is gross, the people are scumbags…?way to attack someone who only expressed a desire to support an artist they enjoy in their own city. right, philly people are scumbags.right.that's not a knock against ny, by the way.just you.scumbag.

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