Here’s Your Chance: Tell Us What Albums YOU Want to See in the 33 1/3 Series

We’re about to publish 3 more books!  #104 (Devo’s Freedom of Choice), #105 (Dead Kennedy’s Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables), and #106 (Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros Soundtrack) will be available May 21st. One hundred and six!!!

In our old age we’re feeling wrinkly and forgetful but pretty satisfied with the life we’ve lead. Still, in many ways the life of this series is just beginning! We have an open call coming up this summer and the email queries are coming in by the boat load. To reiterate here, we are NOT currently accepting proposal but will be in JUNE of 2015.

Reflecting on our first 100 books, we did an okay job of covering the infinite possibilities of albums. We could have used more women (both artists and authors), definitely more R&B, and sure, we had a few missteps.

So what’s next? What ethereal, ground-breaking, seminal, pastoral, brilliant, albatross-like records deserve the 33 1/3 treatment?

What’s missing?

There are still classics up for grabs: Astral Weeks, London Calling, and The Idiot immediately come to mind. What about newer game changers? Wu-Tang? Bjork? Spacemen 3? Pulp? The Diplomats? Amy Winehouse? De La Soul? Kendrick Lamar?

We’re genuinely interested in what our readers want to read.
Share your thoughts in the comments!

(If your comment is unnecessarily nasty we may choose not approve it.)  And once again we’re very sorry that we can’t reply to every email we receive.

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108 Thoughts to “Here’s Your Chance: Tell Us What Albums YOU Want to See in the 33 1/3 Series”

  1. The Wedding Present – Seamonsters

  2. Madonna – Like A Prayer or Madonna – Ray Of Light

  3. Blackcurrant

    The Avalanches – Since I Left You and The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole. Two electronic and sample-based music masterpieces with a magical history behind them, for sure.

  4. Jacob

    rock bottom- robert wyatt
    odelay- beck
    there’s nothing wrong with love (or perfect from now on)- built to spill
    london calling (or s/t)- the clash
    vision creation newsun- boredoms
    bookends- simon & garfunkel
    desertshore- nico
    the kick inside- kate bush
    trans-europe express- kraftwerk
    paid in full- eric b & rakim
    kimono my house- sparks

  5. Marko

    Beck – Odelay
    Dr. Octagon – Dr. Octagonecologyst
    ABC – The Lexacon of Love
    Sparks – Lil Beethoven
    Barenaked Ladies – Gordon

  6. charlie p. jones

    De La Soul-Buhloone Mindstate
    De La Soul-Stakes is High
    A Tribe Called Quest-Low End Theory
    A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Maruaders
    Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Blackstar-Blackstar
    MF DOOM-Operation Dooms Day
    Little Brother- The Listening
    Little Brother The Minstrel Show
    The Roots-Things fall apart

  7. Firsts thing first: thank you. You’re doing an amazing job for us, music lovers all around the world.
    Here’s a few suggestions, some of them pretty unrealistic:
    Burial – Untrue
    Nina Nastasia – Run to Ruin
    Alice In Chains – Dirt
    The Cure – Disintegration / Wish / Pornography
    Neurosis – Times of Grace
    Leila – Like Weather

  8. michelle

    Dead milkmen beelzebubba

  9. Erik Bateson

    Led It Bleed, Astral Weeks, Revolver, The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Graceland, Rubber Soul, London Calling, The White Album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, Nebraska, Blue, Remain in Light, Blood on the Tracks, What’s Going On, Who’s Next, Purple Rain, Born to Run, Physical Graffiti, Nevermind, Off the Wall, Thriller, Funeral, Sticky Fingers, Tattoo You, Turn On the Bright Lights, At Folsom Prison, Knock Knock, Help!, Modern Vampires of the City, Abbey Road, Magical Mystery Tour, and American Beauty. Just to name a few.

  10. quartertonality

    of Montreal – Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
    Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

  11. Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? – of Montreal
    The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

  12. Jeff

    Stooges!!! Jane’s Addiction – either Ritual or Nothing’s Shocking; Queens of the Stone Age? Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker, Black Crowes’ Southern Harmony. GnR should have been Appetite. Big Country’s the Crossing is pretty underrated. Yes to Roxy Music. Yes to Townes Van Zandt. Yes to Kate Bush, yes to Talk Talk. Tears For Fears for sure. There are so many great ones this series can go forever.

  13. ian j.

    Björk – Vespertine
    Burial – Untrue
    Aphex Twin – Drukqs
    Dizzee Rascal – Boy In Da Corner
    Daft Punk – Discovery

  14. Cowboy Junkies – Trinity Session
    Townes Van Zandt – Live At the Old Quarter
    Tubeway Army – Replicas
    Ani Difranco – Out Of Range

  15. Mick

    Kill City – Iggy
    Modern Lovers – Ist
    Roxy Music – 1st
    Stands for Decibels – dBs
    Super Ape – Lee Perry

    There’s gotta be a James Booker, Bobby Marchan, Merrill Fankhauser or Hawkwind story we need to hear.

  16. Nick Carvajal

    All the Natios Airports – Archers of Loaf
    Maggotbrain – Funkadelic
    She’s So Unusual – Cyndi Lauper
    Cuatro Caminos – Cafe Tacuba
    Songs The Lord Taught Us – Cramps
    Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart – Camper Van Beethoven
    Life’s Too Good – Sugarcubes
    King Yelliwman – Yellowman
    Calle 13 – s/t
    Titanic Days – Kirsty Mac Koll
    New York Dolls s/t

  17. Alex

    Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space

  18. Bernardo Attias

    Midtown 120 Blues.

  19. PSA

    Peter Gabriel, Security (1982)
    The Blue Nile, A Walk Across the Rooftops (1984)
    Kate Bush, Hounds of Love (1985)
    Prefab Sprout, Steve McQueen (1985)
    XTC, Skylarking (1986)
    Talk Talk, Laughing Stock (1991)
    Blur, Parklife (1994)

  20. John Hughes

    As several have commented, this is almost an invitation to list our individual “1000 albums you must hear before you die”. I’m not going to do that.
    Also, iis this a possible change in direction, where you commission books on albums that are requested and make a connection with yourselves?
    Anyway, to quote the internet, for what it’s worth, there are two major artistes I think which have not yet had the pleasure of being proposed AND accepted; I would like to see Todd RUndgren’s Nearly Human and The Pretenders. debut album in the series.
    Other albums I would like to see written about are

    The Yes Album
    Pyromania (Def Leppard)
    Dare (Human League)
    Liege & Lief (Fairport Convention)
    The White Album (Diamond Head – without which there would be no Metallica!)
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    And then there were three
    The Works (Queen)
    Bat out of Hell
    1984 (Van Halen)
    Pyschoderelict (Pete Townshend solo)

    I don’t think in the past I have seen an album by Frank Zappa or Tangerine Dream proposed; this surprises me. I’m not a fan of Zappa, and am a dipping in and out fan of Tangerine Dream, but given their influence I think there must be at least one of each artiste’s impressive catalogue that would form the basis for a really good book.

  21. London Calling for sure — also Blackberry Belle by the Twilight Singers

  22. Strummerville

    The Clash – London Calling
    Monks – Black Monk Time
    Godspeed You Black Emperor – Lift Your Skinny Fists Liek Antenae to Heaven

  23. My Wishlist:
    The Cure-Disintergration
    Mobb Deep-The Infamous
    Bauhaus-In the Flat Field
    Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies
    New Order-Low Life/Power Corruption and Lies
    Neu!-Neu! 1
    Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses/Black Celebration/Violator
    Raekwon-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    Echo & the Bunnymen-Ocean Rain
    Low-I Could Live in Hope
    Placebo-Black Market Music
    Skinny Puppy-Vivisect/Cleanse Fold and Manipulate/Too Dark Park
    Dead Can Dance-Into the Labyrinth
    Kraftwerk-Man Machine
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Let Love In
    Cocteau Twins-Treasure

    1. Ocean Rain. God, there needs to be a book on Ocean Rain. There’s even a live recording on a special version of the album in which Ian McCulloch calls it “the greatest album ever made.”

  24. My Wishlist:
    The Cure-Disintergration
    Mobb Deep-The Infamous
    Bauhaus-In the Flat Field
    Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies
    New Order-Low Life/Power Corruption and Lies
    Neu!-Neu! 1
    Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses/Black Celebration/Violator
    Raekwon-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    Echo & the Bunnymen-Ocean Rain
    Low-I Could Live in Hope
    Placebo-Black Market Music
    Skinny Puppy-Vivisect/Cleanse Fold and Manipulate/Too Dark Park
    Dead Can Dance-Into the Labyrinth
    Kraftwerk-Man Machine/Computer World/Trans Europe Express
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Let Love In
    Cocteau Twins-Treasure

  25. Agree with prior votes for a bit more prog/metal (Lateralus, Mars Volta, Close to the Edge among those mentioned)–Rush – Moving Pictures would be an obvious choice. Pink Floyd, maybe Animals for a bit of a change. Just about anything by King Crimson +/- Robert Fripp would be worth exploring. (The Eno is possibly my favorite 33 1/3 book!)

    Adam and the Ants (Dirk or Kings as mentioned) as well. Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair? Something by Cheap Trick, perhaps? The Repo Man soundtrack! The Sundays – Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

    A classical album would be nice. Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations and Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians have been explored to death, but for classical with popular appeal it is hard to beat them.

  26. I think there is no question – the most pivotal album of the 80’s, the seque from performance art to straight-up-rock-n-roll…”Outside Inside” by The Tubes. “I’m out of the business and into rock and roll” says it all, but in case it doesn’t “She’s a Beauty” (written about a frustrating peepshow experience) and my favorite song of all time, “Theme Park.” The Tubes are the most under appreciated band in the history of recorded music. 33 1/3 can change that and give the band it’s due. The Tubes are still on the road and Michael Cotton (founding keyboardist) is working on a documentary for all you White Punks on Dope!

  27. Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place – Explosions in the Sky
    Lift your skinny fists – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  28. Burial – Burial
    Madonna – True Blue

  29. The Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson

  30. NoAussiesInTheRNRHOF

    Not enough music from Down Under – though AC/DC is obvious. (“Highway to Hell” was a great read!)

    But where’s Nick Cave? Where’s INXS? Where’s Silverchair’s “Freak Show”? Where’s Midnight Oil’s “Diesel and Dust”? Remember the Vines’ “Highly Evolved”? How about the Church’s “Starfish!? Don’t forget the Avalanches’ “Since I Left You”!

    For me personally, if I had the time, I would’ve written one about one of my favourite albums of all time – Crowded House’s debut.

    (Are the Bee Gee’s counted as Aussie anymore?)

    1. How about Hoodoo Gurus? First album.

  31. Aussie

    Not enough music from Down Under – though AC/DC is obvious. (“Highway to Hell” was a great read!)

    But where’s Nick Cave? Where’s INXS? Where’s Silverchair’s “Freak Show”? Where’s Midnight Oil’s “Diesel and Dust”? Remember the Vines’ “Highly Evolved”? How about the Church’s “Starfish!? Don’t forget the Avalanches’ “Since I Left You”!

    For me personally, if I had the time, I would’ve written one about one of my favourite albums of all time – Crowded House’s debut.

    (Are the Bee Gee’s counted as Aussie anymore?)

  32. TTL

    Liars: ‘Drum’s Not Dead.’ Scott Walker: ‘Tilt.’ Sunn O))): ‘Monoliths and Dimensions.’ Miles Davis: ‘Bitches Brew.’

  33. The first thing that comes to mind is The Infamous Mobb Deep – 20 years old and still one of the best rap albums of all time.

    Others could be both albums called Killing Joke by Killing Joke – the seismic debut or the one made years later with Dave Grohl on drums.

  34. Atar Hadari

    King of the Delta Blues by Robert Johnson

  35. East India Youth [album coming out in April] & Shura [album coming out June – hopefully] – Zun Zun Egui – their current album out now!

  36. @China – so glad someone mentioned XTC – probably one of the most underrated groups ever. London Calling was mentioned in the introduction already and is obvious, but the Clash’s first album maybe is even more important. For my life you have to add Tom Robinson Band’s “Power in the darkness” and finally, to give a non-english proposal, the Fehlfarben’s classic album (with a fantastic cover artwork that sums up all of late 70s Germany) “Monarchie und Alltag”.

  37. Ilaria

    Burial – Untrue

  38. David Axelrod – Earth Rot
    Joanna Newsom – any album
    Smashing Pumpkins – any of the first 5 albums
    John Frusciante – Smile From The Streets You Hold
    Coldcut – Let Us Play
    Quasimoto – any of the 1st 2 albums

    you’re doing a holy work. thank you

  39. The Motor Booty Affair by Parliament

  40. The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette (or Damned Damned Damned)
    Adam And The Ants – Dirk Wears White Sox (or Kings Of The Wild Frontier)
    Sex Pistols – The Great Rock N Roll Swindle (Soundtrack) (Double album version)

  41. AndyB71

    The Cult – Love

  42. Oswald Moris

    Gene McDaniels – Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse

  43. So many

    Blood on the Tracks
    Bitches Brew
    A Love Supreme
    Oddessey and Oracle
    Deltron 3030
    The Cold Vein
    Songs For the Deaf
    The Sunset Tree
    Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
    The Blueprint
    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Close to the Edge
    Larks’ Tongues in Aspic
    Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation
    Rust in Peace
    Slaughter of the Soul

    this is already way too many to lend credibility to this comment, but…many. there are many albums you could choose :p

  44. Josh

    A Love Supreme – John Coltrane
    The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady – Charles Mingus
    Lateralus – Tool
    De-loused in the Comatorium – Mars Volta
    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill

  45. mikedesert

    Locust Abortion Technition
    Is This Real?
    Requiem For An Almost Lady
    Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, and Junkies
    Trans (Neil Young)
    Goblin – Suspiria

  46. Bedhead: “Beheaded”
    Bardo Pond:Bufo Alvarius
    Silkworm: Firewater
    Helium: Dirt of the Luck
    Grifters: Crappin U Negative

  47. Every Picture Tells A Story. For a brief moment, Rod Stewart was the best male singer in Rock music.

  48. D. Mickey Sampson

    LAMF Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
    GENERIC FLIPPER (Even if you don’t take my proposal–take someones on this).
    Lolita Nation Game Theory.
    Avengers S/T

  49. doctorgmb

    Kate Bush (I’d suggest Never For Ever).

  50. doctorgmb

    Kate Bush ( I’d suggest Never For Ever).

  51. Andrew Ralton

    Hawkwind – space ritual

  52. Steve

    records i’d like to see get written on:
    1. Filth – Swans
    2. Heroin Man – Cherubs
    3. Hide – Foetus

  53. Yoni

    Elevator to Hell, pt 1-3

  54. Reid

    Turn On The Bright Lights

  55. Veronica

    slowdive’s souvlaki surely needs one. same with galaxie 500’s on fire and asobi seksu’s debut record. also where’s the psychocandy book?

  56. NRBQ – Yankee Stadium

  57. Propaganda – A Secret Wish
    Denim – Back In Denim
    The Fall – Hex Enduction Hour
    Saint Etienne – Foxbase Alpha
    T.Rex – The Slider
    Various – Now That’s What I Call Music 2 OR 3 OR 11 OR 44 OR 68
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
    The Residents – Eskimo
    Anita Baker – Rapture
    Janet Jackson – Control

  58. Johnny Appleseed

    Super Furry Animals’ Mwng, the best selling Welsh language album of all time.

  59. West Anthony

    Game Theory’s Lolita Nation.

  60. Roger Frisby

    The most important soul album of the ’60s soul music was never the same again. Hot Buttered Soul. Isacc Hayes
    Also consider Otis Blue. Otis Redding

  61. There’s so many I’d love to see. Here are a couple off the top of my head:

    Curtis or Superfly- Curtis Mayfield
    Urban Hymns- The Verve
    Bill Withers- Still Bill
    Gorillaz- Gorillaz
    Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra- Nancy and Lee
    Anything by Ariel Pink- would be so interesting to see someone try and delve into that on a more academic level

  62. There’s basically no country/western or even alt-country in this series. The Johnny Cash album is an outlier produced by Rick Rubin, which is cool and all, but…

    Uncle Tupelo, ANODYNE
    Johnny Cash, AT FOLSOM PRISON
    Dixie Chicks, WIDE OPEN SPACES
    Lucinda Williams, CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD
    Whiskeytown, STRANGERS’ ALMANAC
    Dwight Yoakam, THIS TIME
    George Strait, PURE COUNTRY
    Dolly Parton, HERE YOU COME AGAIN
    Garth Brooks, NO FENCES
    Lyle Lovett, PONTIAC

    …are all necessary additions, as is something by Willie Nelson.

    Also, hey, Marvin Gaye’s WHAT’s GOING ON and P-Funk’s MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION (and ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE), while we’re at it.

  63. Giannis Drakos

    Tori Amos | Boys For Pele
    Kate Bush | The Red Shoes
    Madonna | Erotica
    Pet Shop Boys | Behaviour
    Sade | Diamond Life
    Madonna | Ray Of Light
    Underworld | Dubnobasswithmyheadman
    Leftfield | Leftism
    Massive Attack | Protection
    A-ha | Hunting High And Low

  64. Anything by XTC, and Inflammable Material by Stiff Little Fingers.

  65. stuart studebaker

    To save space, here are records I think need coverage and analysis, as I think people would be interested in a 33.3 take on them, and they’re all important records.

    1. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
    Why? Miles’s band is at a pinnacle of performance – this is the biggest selling jazz record of all time – for a good reason – dead brilliant.

    2. Love Supreme by John Coltrane
    One of the greatest jazz recordings of all time, ever. Brilliant playing by everyone, a ground breaking and important and influential record.

    3. NEU! by NEU!
    Neu influenced so many people – from Stereolab to Negativland (heck – Negativland is a title of a Neu song from this album!) just dead brilliant example of Krautrock and the motorik beat that just won’t quit…

    4. Dots and Loops by Stereolab
    Stereolab worshipped at the feet of Neu and Faust for a long time, and with this record they found a new voice – highly electronic, but cool and smart. A landmark record of its time.

    5. Close to the Edge by Yes
    The best record by one of the kings of progressive music. To think that the shortest song is 9 minutes long and this record sold millions of copies shows how much popular music tastes have changed… Another landmark recording, and Yes at their pinnacle…

    6. In Praise of Learning by Henry Cow
    Henry Cow (with Slapp Happy) singing Communist propaganda over complex and shifting music. This is a great recording that never got its proper due and shows where music could have gone.

    7. Treasure by Cocteau Twins
    Pinnacle of the Cocteau Twins – everything before seemed crude and everything after seemed slick. This record went places no one else has gone, and that’s sad.

    8. Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh by Magma
    One of the most singular and peculiar and brilliant records ever made. A landmark of weirdness.

    9. Luxury Gap by Heaven 17
    Left wing dance music – what’s not to like? Heaven 17 at their best, and a big influence on future technopop.

    10. BGM by Yellow Magic Orchestra
    Like Heaven 17 – big influence on future technopop music. Every song is a gem.

    11. English Settlement by XTC
    Another great example of a a great idea never pursued – everything in this record could have inspired entire genres and subgenres of music. But it didn’t – so it’s a brilliant record of great song writing.

    12. Cosmic Thing by B-52s
    The B52s knocked it out of the park with this record. Not a single bad song on the entire record, from Love Shack to Topaz to Roam to Bushfire – classic. They never made another record like this one.

    13. United States of America by The United States of America
    Amazing Psychedelic Progressive rock from the late 60s. VERY influential – from Portishead to Broadcast to many many others.

    14. Fairytales of Slavery by Miranda Sex Garden
    The best thing Miranda Sex Garden did, and a brilliant and powerful record.

    15. Lark’s Tongues in Aspic by King Crimson
    There’s Crimson before and Crimson after this record. The LTIA saga is a recurring theme in King Crimson’s music and this record is a masterpiece.

  66. I strongly second the suggestion of Pirates by Rickie Lee Jones. Also: ANYTHING by XTC, Prefab Sprout, or the Pet Shop Boys.

  67. Paul Rock

    Pretty Things S..F Sorrow; Neil Young, Zuma.

  68. rick

    well, for starters …soft machine -II, capt.beefheart-ice cream for crow, robt. wyatt -rock bottom, eno -here come the warm jets, mothers of invention -freak-out, roxy music – s/t, tom waits -bone machine, slapp happy/henry cow -desperate straights, robyn hitchcock -i often dream of trains, xtc -english settlement, annette peacock – x-dreams, prince -the black album, flaming lips -the soft bulletin

  69. Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English

  70. Joann

    Filigree and Shadow by This Mortal Coil
    The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk
    Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear
    Burst Apart by The Antlers
    Siren by Roxy Music

  71. wolf83

    Definitely Burial!

  72. georges sheehy

    curtis live

  73. Heath

    ‘Remain In Light’ by Heads
    ‘Outside’ by Bowie
    ‘Lust for Life’ or ‘The Idiot’ by Pop
    ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme’ by S & G
    early Kraftwerk or Neu!

  74. Robert Schaad

    Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance, Laibach – Kapital, Associates – Sulk, Plasticland – Wonder, Wonderful, Wonderland, Clockdva- Man-Amplified, Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure, Bill Nelson – The Love That Whirls (Diary of A Thinking Heart)..

    1. Yes! Bill Nelson and Pere Ubu for sure.

  75. Public Image Ltd. – Metal Box/Second Edition, The Clash – Sandinista, Bad Brains, The Modern Lovers

  76. +1 for spirit of Eden and this mortal coil. Other suggestions Astral Weeks, Born sandy devotional (triffids), any cocteau twins, this is the sea (waterboys), psychocandy (JAMC), music for 18 musicians.

  77. Madonna: either Like a Prayer, Ray of Light or Confessions on a Dancefloor

  78. Craig

    Ministry. That is all.

  79. arminius

    Definitely Hounds of Love. And Dig Me Out if that fell through, I thought it was supposed to come out this year.

    1. Dig Me Out is on track to come out in 2016!

  80. Owen

    The Streets – Original Pirate Material, and I know it’s not a new album but New Order’s “Low-Life” those two albums have had a huge affect on me in the past 2-3 years.

  81. The Stooges, Fun House (Elektra Records, 1970)

  82. THE HURTING: Tears For Fears, AMERICAN LIFE: Madonna, UNITED STATES LIVE: Laurie Anderson, SECRETS OF THE BEEHIVE: David Sylvian, DIAMOND DOGS: David Bowie, HOUNDS OF LOVE: Kate Bush, SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM: Grace Jones, LOVESEXY: Prince, SAVAGE: Eurythmics, SONGS OF FAITH AND DEVOTION: Depeche Mode, A SECRET WISH: Propaganda; or any of the three THIS MORTAL COIL albums.

    1. Grace Jones! I’m totally entertained by Grace Jones’ Wikipedia page — a whole book would be amazing.

  83. Ashe

    Y’know, it’s not even album I like that much, but maybe there’s an interesting story to be written about the surprise success of the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack, and how it brought some sort of mainstream attention back to folk music

  84. Jenny Kschadow

    Fires by Nerina Pallot
    Eli and the Thirteenth Confession by Laura Nyro
    Aims by Vienna Teng

  85. Burial – Burial
    Burial – Untrue

  86. alexcmurphy

    Paul McCartney – Ram
    Lou Reed – Berlin
    This Mortal Coil – It’ll End in Tears
    Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid Madd City
    John Cale – Paris 1919

  87. Jenny Kschadow

    Pirates by Rickie Lee Jones

  88. Dave Polaschek

    The Pop Group: Y
    Funk Factory: Funk Factory
    P-Funk: T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.

  89. How about “F# A# ∞”?

  90. James McKeown

    Talk Talk – Spirit Of Eden. And if no one offers I’ll write it myself!

  91. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah’s One in a Million or Aaliyah, Come to my Garden

  92. Wjkeena

    Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu, ‘1987 (What the Fuck Is Going On?’

  93. Marc Caputo

    God, I want, nay, NEED the book on De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising…I like to think I have a good proposal for a few albums, but not that one. I don’t think I can write the book that needs to be written on that beauteous object, but someone can, so, please, whoever you are, do it! Thank you.

  94. Tosh Berman

    Sparks “Kimono my House” Or any Sparks’ album. It’s borderline odd that there is not a Sparks’ album that is part of the 33 1/3 series.

  95. Jordy Jensky

    I hope I’m not alone in being interested in the T Bone Burnett sessions that led to The Counting Crows “August and Everything After”.

    1. Craig

      August and everything after is a beautiful album. No matter what happened after August, it’s still beautiful.

  96. Michelle Dwyer


  97. chris

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot surely needs a title.

    1. Chris

      i ama different Chris I swear, but I also think that yhf needs one. I will probably be sending in my proposal for one in June.

      1. Veronica

        I am not a chris and i third the yankee hotel foxtrot proposal. that record is legendary.

      2. Kris

        Also a Kris, but with a ‘Kris’ and adda third recommendation of this album.

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